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Sharp LCD TV televisions offer a high resolution wide screen picture of high quality. They come in a high gloss finish which looks both sleek and stylish. They have a classic modern design which is suitable for any room or indeed anywhere in the home These models are HD ready and have integrated freeview tuner.

The most advanced HD standard today is called HD ready 1080p. In addition to the benefits of the older "Full HD" specification, these models are also able to display Bluray output at its native output of 24 frames per second, creating the best cinematic experience for your home.


 LC37X20E Best Deals

The Sharp LC37X20E is 37 inch Aquos HD Ready 1080P Sharp LCD TV.  

The LC37X20E has a built-in digital tuner (DVB-T) and dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. 

This Sharp LCD TV has a beautiful,  slim frame and super thin design with a de-juddering picture enhancement technology. 


LC42X20E Best Deals

The Sharp LC42X20E - 42" Widescreen Sharp LCD TV television might just be the one for you. 

The slim frame means that the LC42X20E - 42" doesn't look much bigger than the LC37X20E 37" even though the picture is obviously larger

This Sharp LCD TV has 6ms response time and 3x HDMI outputs and is 24Hz Compatible.


LC46X20E Best Deals

So the LC37X20E 37" widescreen and LC42X20E 42" widescreen still aren't big enough for your Sharp LCD TV viewing desires. Well then this must be the one. The Sharp LC46X20E is a 46" Aquos widescreen HD ready 1080p Sharp LCD TV.

This LC46X20E is sleek and beautifully designed to sit anywhere and look stunning.


46X2LE Best Deals

If you love watching tv, you will love it more if your watching through the Sharp 46XL2E 46" Widescreen Sharp LCD TV

This is a  46" Widescreen 1080P Full HD Sharp LCD TV.  It comes with 100hz double frame drive & Freeview. Check out the 46XL2E here.


52X2LE Best Deals

If the Sharp LC46XL2E - 46" is not big enough for you then the 52XL2E might well be the answer to all your Sharp LCD TV dreams.

The Sharp LC 52XL2E - 52" Widescreen LCD television is a beauty. It is a 52" Aquos HD Ready 1080p Sharp LCD TV with built in digital tuner (DVB-T).